Writing and Editing Credits


Literary Journal:

·  The Brooklyn Review, Editor-in-Chief


·  Stiefel, Chana. Forces of Nature. Scholastic Inc. 2010

·  Bergen, Tine. Sweet / Sour. Clavis Publishing. 2008

·  Vandereyken, Leen. LouLou in Love. Clavis Publishing. 2008

·  Lagrou, Patrick. Born Among the Dolphins. Clavis Publishing. 2008



·  Survival of an Industry,  Pomp & Circumstance, Issue No. 6

·  Sex and the Human Brain, BrainWorld, June 2010


·  Forté, Issue No. 4: Orpheus and Eurydice Outside the Tunnel

·  Recipient of the 2009 Ross Feld Prize for Creative Writing

·  Recipient of the 2008 Himan Brown Award for Creative Writing

·  Poisonous Fruit, Her Circle Ezine

· Turnstyle Reading Series – excerpt from novel in progress:

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