My nacreous knife

Nacreous, adjective meaning pearlescent, likely descending from the Arabic word nakara, which actually means “to hollow out”. If this is as confusing to you as it was to me, I think the general train of thought must have gone something like this: “Well, I’ll be! That there mollusk sure is hollow inside. And – oh! – pearly too.”

A few years ago my dad went on this pocketknife-buying binge. He gave me a pretty one with a nacreous handle, despite my sarcastic attitude about his purchases. Today, I’d like to officially rescind any previous scoffing. Because of my dad’s expert sharpening skills, I now have a grand total of one worthy knife in my house. Which I used last night to make my dinner. Thanks, Dad.

So, friends, please help me correct my French grammar and/or word choice, s’il vous plait, so I can go buy some knives:

Où puis-je acheter des bons couteaux?

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4 thoughts on “My nacreous knife

  1. NV

    That knife is beautiful and your dinner looks delicious! I’ve noticed that sharp knives seem hard to come by around here… let me know if you have any luck.

  2. Sada

    I love how Google ads promptly answered your question for you. Erin, this looks delicious! And I checked out your apartment pics yesterday and it is so adorable! Everything looks beautiful. I hope you’re having an amazing time so far! I miss seeing you at work though. Take care! xoxo-Sada

  3. Monica

    When I visit you best make me some yummy pasta with scallops! I’ll even bring a knife from my appt. haha!

  4. J. Breezy

    It’s a shame that we didn’t know each other during my own pocket knife collecting days. Southwest Virginia is a hotbed of knives and knife enthusiasts. Good to hear that you’ve become one of them!

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