Epicurean Recessionista – Awesome Wine Deal.

Epicurean: adjective meaning devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure and enjoyment, especially good food and comfort, or a noun referring to a devotee of previously mentioned hedonistic style of living.

Decent Tuscan wine with a really great name

Decent Tuscan wine with a really great name

Okay, I know most of us know how to use the word epicurean. Actually, this is really a thinly veiled excuse to blog about something I’ve been meaning to share with my local friends for quite some time: my favorite wine deal in New York City. Whatever. It’s Friday.

Check out Aroma Kitchen and Wine Bar on 4th Street between Lafayette and Bowery. Not only do they supposedly have New York’s sexiest wine list (and oh my god are their wines satisfying to an epicurean palate) but from 5-7 P.M. on weekdays, you get a flight of 3 incredibly tasty wines that will normally set you back a prettier penny and access to the yummy antipasti spread (which changes daily but is always awesome).

And for those of you not in NYC – find a bottle of Dievole wine (the winery responsible for the Fourplay bottles above). Their Pinocchio is one of my favorite table wines and quite affordable too.

Go forth — drink and be merry, it is the weekend after all. Cheers.

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One thought on “Epicurean Recessionista – Awesome Wine Deal.

  1. lenmandy

    you forgot the best part of this word:
    Epicure: c.1380, “follower of Epicurus,” from L. Epicurus, from Gk. Epicouros (341-270 B.C.E.), Athenian philosopher who taught that pleasure is the highest good and identified virtue as the greatest pleasure; the first lesson recalled, the second forgotten, and the name used pejoratively for “one who gives himself up to sensual pleasure” (1641), especially “glutton, sybarite” (1774). Epicurus’ school opposed by stoics, who first gave his name a reproachful sense.

    So by drinking this weekend, we’re actually choosing to join in a centuries-old classical tradition. Now I’m totally sold. To the wine store I go!

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