Phonetic Vocabulary

Susurrus: noun meaning a whispering sound, murmuring or soft rustling.

A dear friend, whom we shall call A, requested that I find a good vocab word that’s spelled like it sounds so that it might easily be used in her writing, but also so she could remember how to pronounce it. In my mind, susurrus isn’t just phonetic, but it’s also onomatopoetic (neither of which I can spell without assistance, by the way) because it hisses upon pronunciation.

This cartoon is totally goofy, I know, but it completely expresses the sound and definition of susurrus:

Stop whispering in my ear, it tickles.

Stop whispering in my ear, it tickles.

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3 thoughts on “Phonetic Vocabulary

  1. A

    I love it!! What a great word!!! Thanks!!!! 🙂

  2. Hey just found your blog! It’s perfect because my vocabulary sucks, and I need to catch up to Berman.

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