Baby Got Back.

Callipygian: adjective meaning having a shapely buttocks. Here’s the pronunciation.

Arguably, this is the best vocabulary word I’ve come across to date. Seriously, can you imagine Greek dudes from the 1800s cat-calling ladies on the street with such fancy prose?

Clearly, it was Sir Mix-a-Lot’s loss that he didn’t know this word. I hereby propose a change to Baby Got Back:

Ooh, Rump-o’-smooth-skin

Girl, them curves are callipygian.

Happy Friday – this should get you pumped for the weekend:

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2 thoughts on “Baby Got Back.

  1. lenmandy

    no arguing about it; it’s easily the best.

  2. You think that’s good? A wise man directed me to check out the Cosmo headline at about 1.10 minutes into the video. I stand corrected – or at least in awe of whatever clever folks edited that video.

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