Ecstatic for Art

Diaphanous: light and delicate almost transparent

Not to get on a major art kick, but as I was writing up Leandro Erlich’s Swimming Pool installation at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center today for another outlet, I realized how badly I wanted to see the exhibit. The video above gives a better context for the installation than some of the photographs. While the still shots are certainly interesting, they don’t allow for a sense of the water’s movement over the diaphanous plexiglass sheet dividing the upper and lower levels of the exhibit. Upon entering from the top level, you’ll feel like you’re standing on the deck of your average swimming pool, except through  the water you can see people strolling across the bottom of the pool. Entering on the lower level of this installation, the watery roof is reminiscent of a part of the Atlanta Aquarium where  a transparent tunnel leads under the giant fishtank where this guy lives:


Which is all by way of saying, I never tire of bizarre installation pieces (except for the Waterfalls, but that’s a diatribe for another day). Be they Damien Hirst’s preserved Shark at the Met, the swimming pool above or even the New York Earth Room, which is literally a room in SoHo filled with dirt, I enjoy seeing objects outside of their natural contexts, so as to consider it differently than I already have. But many people disagree and these sorts of wacky exhibits tend to incite controversy about the nature and purpose of art. Go take a splash in the pool at P.S.1, and let me know what you think.

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One thought on “Ecstatic for Art

  1. Rachel L

    sharks!! awesome(.) blogging!! also awesome(.)

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