867-5309, for how much?

Vituperative: adjective meaning scathing, or marked by harsh criticism.


It should come as no surprise that the very mention of Wall Street bonuses sends me into an angry Tasmanian Devil-like tizzy — not that I’m alone in this, plenty of folks have made vituperative remarks against the practice, including our Prez as late as this week.

In the face of this economic crisis, it’s hard for recessionistas like myself not to think about responsible spending – both on a macro and micro level.  And not that I’m really about to tell anyone how to spend their money, but don’t you think dropping $365 Gs to have 867-5309 as your phone number (yeah, that’s the number from the 1982 Tommy Tutone song) is a bit excessive? Apparently, a New Jersey DJ is auctioning off a 201 version of this number and bids skyrocketed almost immediately. Come on — wouldn’t you pay a giant handful of change not to have that song stuck in your head?

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One thought on “867-5309, for how much?

  1. Celita

    Just wanted to say how glad I am that you have a blog. You are too smart and creative not to have an outlet like this that we can all enjoy!

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