Bring in the Noise . . .

Rumbustious: adjective meaning uncontrollably exuberant, boisterous, noisy, uproarious.

Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum

Photo Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders (American, b. 1952). Toni Morrison, 2007. Epson inkjet photograph. Collection of the artist, courtesy of Devin Borden Hiram Butler Gallery. © Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

In an interview in Salon back in February of 1998, Toni Morrison spoke of writing while she multi-tasked; she thought out her ideas while she did the dishes, “Or just on the subway. I would solve a lot of literary problems just thinking about a character in that packed train, where you can’t do anything anyway.” What an exuberent thought — that someone once stood on a subway train pressed shoulder to shoulder with  Toni Morrison, who was busy thinking Sethe into existence and wrestling with the plot of Beloved.

You can see the diva herself’s portrait in the Brooklyn Museum’s “The Blacklist Project” exhibit. Why not go on Friday, February 7, when the museum’s open until 11 P.M.? First Fridays are always a rumbustious affair. This month, see the photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ documentary work for free, then grab some wine or beer from the museum’s cafe and listen to the tunes of San Juan Hill – an eclectic blend of Funk/ Soul, Latino Caribeno, Jazz, Brazilian, Hip Hop and House. Or, later in the evening, jive at the James Brown / Fela Kuti dance party upstairs. And for the nerds in all of us: there are a variety of films, lectures and activities throughout the evening.

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